Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 53: Bluesky

~Gamer Boy~

I love this photo of Connor kicked back on his bed on an early Monday morning during summer vacation playing video games before anybody else was out of bed.

This layout is WAY out of my box! Inspired by Studio Calico's Sunday Sketch I whipped this layout up using supplies and techniques I was hesitant to use. Misting! Stitching! ONE PHOTO! Me? Never! But risk pays off, because I am LOVING this fun layout!

The PERFECT layout for my FINAL font of the bet, I guess SOMEBODY (Debbie Ikert <cough, cough>) owes me my 54th QuicKutz font, because I WIN!!!


  1. I was shocked to see only one photo!
    LOVE this layout!!!

  2. I can actually see paper without 500 photos on the page! Congrats on the creative stretch (but I still love your usual style best), and especially.....Congrats on the alphabet challenge win!!!