Friday, November 2, 2012

This is why I scrapbook...

~Childhood Moments~

Ever so often my mother gets a wild hair up her ass and starts sorting through BOXES AND BOXES of photos from this or that period in her life and once or twice a year a box or big manilla envelope arrives on my front porch chalk full of old photographs of her and my dad (now divorced), my sisters and I from years ago or old school art projects that she kept and now is passing back to me. I always laugh as I sort through these moments in time, tossing out photos I'll never do anything with of people I never knew or that have a large fingerprint in the frame. But sometimes I run across a gem like this from my childhood; no date or location written anywhere on the photograph, no other photographs to accompany it. However, these random photos hold a moment in time of happiness and it inspires me to get it into a scrapbook for posterity's sake! Someday I hope that I can give my nieces or step children a well documented album from their lives that they will cherish forever, but I have to admit, getting to document glimpses of my own childhood is fun too!

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